ASUU declares continuation of strike, clears rumors of suspension
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Osodeke said the union will never suspend the strike but ensure it puts a permanent end to it.

Hopes of undergraduates returning to the classroom anytime soon have again been dashed as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) ruled out any possibility of suspending its six-month-old strike.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, ASUU President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke , accused the Ministry of Labouthe r and Employment, chaired by Chris Ngige as “Conciliator” for continuously creating more chaos in the resolution process.
ASUU had on February 14 embarked on industrial action to press home its demand, including the government’s investment in the nation’s university infrastructure, and payment of members’ salaries through the recommended University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS), among several others.

At the end of the 30 days, the federal government failed to arrest the situation, which gave ASUU the impetus to roll over the strike on March 14. More recently, the union declared another 12-week strike, thereby keeping the students perpetually at home.

Osodeke said the union will never suspend strike but ensure it puts a permanent end to it.

“ASUU therefore makes bold to say that the Minister of Labour and Employment has taken upon himself the role of unabashed protagonist in our ongoing dispute with the government of Nigeria for some inexplicable reasons.

“Dr Ngige earlier told whoever cared to listen that he was not the employer of university academics and advised the union to march to the Ministry of Education. Nigerians may wish to know why he has suddenly turned around to constitute himself as an impediment to an amicable resolution of the ongoing crisis.”

The union said it remains focused on its goal of making the Nigerian University system internationally competitive and getting its products to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers in any part of the world.

“We appreciate the teeming Nigerians for identifying with our vision in this respect. We specifically acknowledge the support and sacrifices of our students (including our members who are running their postgraduate programmes) as well as their parents; they are our critical partners in this transformation project. We in ASUU shall do our utmost best not to let you down.

“ASUU appreciates your concerns and sympathetic support. We are as bothered as you are because we share a common interest in the Nigeria project. However, ASUU shall continue to be guided by the sacred canons of integrity, objectivity, and responsibility to which both academics and media practitioners subscribe.

“It is our fervent hope and desire that the current groundswell of interests would culminate in a convergence of solutions to this avoidable crisis in the overall interest of Nigeria Together, we shall win. The struggle continues,” he said.

Speaking further, Osodeke said if Ngige means well as a “conciliator, he won’t be putting roadblocks on the path to completing a process that has dragged on for more than five years.

“The Ministry of Labour and Employment, as the chief labour ministry of the country, is principally expected to apprehend disputes between employers and employees with a view to settling such disputes.

“The Ministry shall normally await reports of disputes by either side to the disputes for settlement. When the Minister apprehends a dispute, he/she must communicate to the parties or their representatives his or her own proposal for the resolution of the dispute.

“However, ASUU has always had serious reservations about the claim of “conciliation” by someone who has taken sides in the dispute, or by an unabashed protagonist in the crisis such as the current Minister of Labour and Employment. It is antithetical to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions (98, 151 & 154) on collective bargaining.

“It is against the principle of natural justice and the doctrine of equality for Dr. Ngige who carries himself as if he has personal scores to settle with ASUU and shoots down the Union everywhere it matters to assume the role of conciliator,”he added.

On the issue of funding of public universities, he said it has become the pastime of government officials to talk tough about billions and trillions of naira whenever the thorny issues of education and health sectors’ funding come up for mention.

However, he lamented that various sums of money in the same region which could have been deployed for human capacity development and public good usually develop into the thin air at the end of the day!

“We are therefore, not surprised the leadership of the Ministry of Labour and Employment could condescend to the point of denigrating the import of massive injection of fund into the University Education sub-sector as they tried to miserably dismiss the vexed issue of funding Nigerian public universities and uplifting the country’s intellectual capital. While the government and its agents, would like to look at the issue in the ‘here and now and funding’ as a one-off matter, we prefer to look at it longitudinally.

“ASUU believes that the idea of availability of funds is a dynamic process. For instance, the government can mobilize funds from different sources including non budgetary outlets like stamp-duty, GSM and alcoholic taxes.

“We are appalled by the recent calls by top government functionaries at both federal and state levels to establish more universities at a time agencies run by same chief executives are tightly squeezed for funding.

“We restate our opposition to the proliferation of universities and other tertiary institutions merely for political gains or electoral value. Nigerians should read through the intentions of hypocritic political jobbers when dangling the carrots of sitting institutions they have no intention of developing to compete with others in Africa and beyond.”

Reacting to the acclaimed breakaway faction of ASUU, Congress of University Academics (CONUA), Osodeke said the union doesn’t recognize any official faction.


UPDATED: Osinbajo hospitalised for leg surgery

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has been hospitalised for a surgical procedure, the Presidency revealed on Saturday evening.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Office of Vice President Laolu Akande announced this in a tweet on his verified Twitter handle.

According to the tweet, the surgery had been necessitated by recurring pain in his leg suspected to have been a result of an injury sustained while playing squash.

“VP Osinbajo is in the hospital today for a surgical procedure on account of a recurrent pain in the leg possibly sustained from an injury while playing squash. His doctors would give an update of the treatment later today,” the tweet informed.

Last Thursday, Osinbajo participated in a meeting with G-7 diplomats from the countries, Egypt and some global agencies on the global Net-zero emissions target by 2050-2060.


2023: Shettima speaks on Tinubu’s alleged plans to ‘Islamise Nigeria’

Kashim Shettima, the running mate to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has insisted there is no plan to islamize Nigeria.

He also urged Nigerians to look beyond religion when electing leaders.

Shettima’s nomination as Tinubu’s running mate has drawn outrage from certain quarters as they are both Muslims.

But speaking on Friday when he received a visit from an APC group led by a former Nigerian ambassador to the US, Mohammed Hassan, the former Governor of Borno state said he and Tinubu want to transform the country.

“They are accusing him of an attempt to Islamise the country. Has he started with Islamising his own family?

“Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, yes, his running mate might be a Muslim, but his life mate for over 40 years is not only a Christian, but a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

“He did not enforce his own Islamic faith on his own children. He was the first governor to hand over mission schools to the owners, and he has groomed people from all walks of life,” NAN quoted Shettima as saying.



National Emergency Management Agency has said that the flooding that occurred in Lagos State last weekend claimed seven lives.

Zonal Coordinator, South West, NEMA, Mr Ibrahim Farinloye, made the disclosure in a statement issued in Lagos on Wednesday.

“The post-emergency phase assessment after the unprecedented rainfall of Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9, 2022, has revealed that about seven people – three children of the same parent and four adults – died.

“About eight lives were also saved during the period, as a result of the flooding that was witnessed during the two-day continuous rainfall,” he said.

Farinloye further stated that the three siblings who lost their lives were residing at a church building belonging to Mercy of Christ Apostolic Church, situated in an uncompleted building.

He said that the siblings, Michael, 18; Elizabeth, 17 and Timi, 14, were swept away while trying to relocate from their room to the main church structure.

He said that the youngest child, Timi, who was said to be asthmatic, while trying to climb the plank linking their room to the church building, slipped and was overpowered by the flood.

The coordinator added that the remaining two while trying to rescue their sibling, were also swept away by the flood.

Farinloye said that the NEMA team, while on a condolence visit to the families, met with representatives of Progressive Community Development Area, who conducted the agency around the affected communities.

“The bereaved parents were said to be somewhere, but the NEMA team had a brief meeting with the community leaders on the way forward.

“An appeal was made to them that for the rest of the year, the community must embark on awareness and sensitisation on safe actions, to avoid the situation that they experienced during the period.

“The community leaders also informed NEMA that in the same community, four siblings were also swept away on the same day, but that the community members rallied round and rescued all of them,” Farinloye said.

He listed the flooded communities as Oke Isagun, Agbado Oke, Oko LCDA, all in Alimosho LGA.

The NEMA chief said that members of the Progressive CDA briefed NEMA that rainwater from Meiran, Abbatoir, Alagbado, Agege and Tollgate converged in their community.

Farinloye also gave an update on the flood at Oyatoki in Orile Agege, saying that two people died, while four were rescued.


BREAKING: Nollywood star Baba Ijesha bags 16 year prison sentence for rape

After over one year of his arrest and prosecution, an Ikeja Special Offences Court has convicted the embattled Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James, alias Baba Ijesha, of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old minor.

Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo, in a two-hour judgement on Thursday, convicted Baba Ijesha of indecent treatment of a child, sexual assault and attempted sexual assault.

Taiwo, however, discharged and acquitted him of counts one and count six, which were: sexual assault by penetration and attempted sexual assault by penetration.

The actor was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.


Peter Obi replies Tinubu over ‘Derogatory’ remark

Peter Obi, on Wednesday, reacted to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu’s comment about their party, which the party and its members considered derogatory.

Obi made the remark in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, at a mega rally to support the governorship candidate of the party, Lasun Yusuff.

He said: “I listened to our chairman when he said that somebody said ‘they can labor till death’.

“When they show you hatred, Labour Party will show them love. There is dignity in labor.”

Recall that Tinubu, at the grand rally for the re-election of APC candidate, Adegboyega Oyetola, on Tuesday, had said: “They said some are in Labour, they will remain laborers till death.”

He also called on the people of Osun to support the party’s candidate in the governorship poll to give the state better leadership.

Similarly, the LP’s candidate, Lasun lambasted Tinubu, saying his comment about the Labour Party by the APC leader was inconsistent with the attributes of a virtuous Yoruba man.

Senegalese pirogue race a day of friendly feuds — and fun

Koutaye Niang has been racing in the Saint-Louis regatta for 20 years, but this year’s competition, held Saturday in Senegal’s historic second city, was the “best day” of his life.

Niang — who, like all his teammates, is a fisherman from the coastal city’s Guet N’dar quarter — was the captain of one of three winning pirogues that ended a rival team’s five-year hot streak at this year’s fishing boat race, a traditional event dating back generations.

“All those who live (in my community), Dak, feel like kings today,” the 43-year-old said, radiating with pride and wrapped in the red and green colours of his team’s flag.

The regatta -– held annually in the former capital of colonial French West Africa, some 250 kilometres (150 miles) north of Dakar –- sees hundreds of men board long wooden pirogues to race two-and-a-half kilometres through the estuary where the Senegal River meets the Atlantic Ocean.


Ginger adds a fragrant zest to both sweet and savory foods. The pleasantly spicy “kick” from the root of Zingiber officinale, the ginger plant, is what makes ginger ale, ginger tea, candies and many Asian dishes so appealing.

What is ginger good for?

In addition to great taste, ginger provides a range of health benefits that you can enjoy in many forms. Emma Slattery, a clinical dietitian at Johns Hopkins Medicine, talks about all the ways ginger can add flavor to your food and support your well-being.

Health Benefits of Ginger

“Ginger is fantastic,” says Slattery. “It’s not just delicious. Gingerol, a natural component of ginger root, benefits gastrointestinal motility ― the rate at which food exits the stomach and continues along the digestive process. Eating ginger encourages efficient digestion, so food doesn’t linger as long in the gut.”

  • Nausea relief. Encouraging stomach emptying can relieve the discomforts of nausea due to:
    • Chemotherapy. Slattery, who works with patients receiving chemo for cancer, says ginger may take the edge off post-treatment nausea, and without some of the side effects of anti-nausea medications.
    • Pregnancy. For generations, women have praised the power of ginger to ease “morning sickness” and other queasiness associated with pregnancy. “Even the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology mentions ginger as an acceptable nonpharmaceutical remedy for nausea and vomiting,” Slattery says.
  • Bloating and gas. Eating ginger can cut down on fermentation, constipation and other causes of bloating and intestinal gas.
  • Wear and tear on cells. Ginger contains antioxidants. These molecules help manage free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells when their numbers grow too high.
  • Is ginger anti-inflammatory? It is possible. Slattery notes, “Ginger contains over 400 natural compounds, and some of these are anti-inflammatory. More studies will help us determine if eating ginger has any impact on conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or respiratory inflammation.”

Ginger Tea Benefits

Slattery is a fan of ginger tea. “Ginger tea is fantastic in cold months,” says Slattery. “It’s delicious after dinner. You can add a little lemon or lime, and a small amount of honey and make a great beverage.”

Commercial ginger tea bags are available at many grocery stores and contain dry ginger, sometimes in combination with other ingredients. These tea bags store well and are convenient to brew. Slattery says dry ginger has strong health benefits comparable to those of fresh ginger, but tea made with dried ginger may have a milder flavor.

Making ginger root tea with fresh ginger takes a little more preparation but tends to deliver a more intense, lively brew.

How to Make Ginger Tea

It’s easy:

  • Buy a piece of fresh ginger.
  • Trim off the tough knots and dry ends.
  • Carefully peel it.
  • Cut it into thin, crosswise slices.
  • Put a few of the slices in a cup or mug.
  • Pour in boiling water and cover.

“To get all the goodness of the ginger, let the slices steep for at least 10 minutes,” Slattery recommends. “The longer the better.”

It is noted that ginger tea is a healthier alternative to ginger ale, ginger beer and other commercial canned or bottled ginger beverages. “These drinks provide ginger’s benefits, but many contain a lot of sugar,” Slattery says. “I’d recommend limiting these to occasional treats or choosing sugar-free options.”

How to Eat Ginger

In addition to tea, plenty of delicious recipes include ginger in the form of freshly grated or minced ginger root, ginger paste or dry ginger powder.

“I like the way ginger can balance the sweetness of fruits,” Slattery says. “And the flavor is great with savory dishes, such as lentils.”

Pickled ginger, the delicate slices often served with sushi, is another option. It is noted that the sweet-tart-spicy condiment provides the healthy components of ginger together with the probiotic benefit of pickles. Compared to other pickled items, pickled ginger is not as high in sodium.

Ginger Side Effects

Research shows that ginger is safe for most people to eat in normal amounts — such as those in food and recipes. However, there are a couple of concerns.

“Higher doses, such as those in supplements, may increase risk of bleeding”. The research isn’t conclusive, but people on anti-coagulant therapy (blood thinners such as warfarin, aspirin and others) may want to be cautious.

Studies are exploring if large amounts of ginger may affect insulin and lower blood sugar, so until more is known, people with diabetes can enjoy normal quantities of ginger in food but should steer clear of large-dose ginger supplements.

“For any questions about ginger or any other food ingredient and how it might affect your health, a clinical dietitian can provide information and guidance”.

Thank you.

Reactions as photos of Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle with his 30 children surface online

Recent photos of Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle and his thirty (30) children have surfaced online and by extension sparked reactions among internet users.

According to reports, Bello Matawalle, a former teacher who has served as the Governor of Zamfara State since 2019 is married to four wives namely, Aisha, Balkisu, Fatima and Dadiya.

However, recent photos of him pictured with his sons and another one pictured with his daughters in what seems like an Eid Photos has generated overwhelming reactions.

In a photo sighted on @DeborahToluwase official Twitter handle, the Zamfara State Governor dressed in a white native attire was captured with his 16 sons who were all dressed in the the same attire like their father.

In another photos shared by the same Twitter user, the Zamfara State Governor was also seen together with his fourteen daughter (14) all smiled in the cute photo.

However, the photos have generated mixed reactions, while many referred to him as the real king as his family is being described as the real baby factory, others shared their contrary opinions.

See some of the reactions below;

@IamEkene_: This man doesn’t waste sperm. A king!!

@woleoja: How many wives please, these children can’t be from 4 women. 30!!!!!

@vincent_ufuoma: The state’s annual budget.

@Classic84073745: Nigeria population is over 200m , northerners alone 180m

@ObarayeseSikiru: He and his children excluding wives na 30 votes

“He’s full of positive energy” – Reactions trailed Odunlade Adekola amazing gesture at Woli Agba 20 years on stage (Video)


July 12, 2022

Updated: 3 hours ago

By Ibrahim Bamidele

He's full of positive energy - Reactions trailed Odunlade Adekola amazing gesture at Woli Agba 2oyrs on stage (Video)

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Ajewole better known as Woli Agba celebrated his 20 years on stage in Ibadan, Oyo State, over the weekend and Odunlade Adekola was one of the celebrities present at the event.

Some of the other celebrities present at the Woli Agba’s 20 years on stage include, foremost gospel singer, Tope Alabi, Ibrahim Chatta, Ijebu, Fathia Balogun among others.

One of the event’s highlights was when Yoruba actor Odunlade joined Woli Agba and his crew on stage to dance to a song by veteran gospel singer Tope Alabi. 

Odunlade, known for giving fans happy vibes, showed some dance moves alongside Woli Agba, Dele and others. 

In another part of the video, the actor saluted Tope Alabi, who drew closer to hug him. 

Sharing the video via his official Instagram page, Odunlade Adekola accompanied it with the caption; “Congratulations My brother @woliagba_ayoajewole 20years on stage My sister @tope_alabi_ with Music.